Food: Japanese Ramune Soda

Last week, I finally bought 2 bottles of ramune soda. I have wanted to try it for a month and I finally got it! I know, not the healthiest, but we need to enjoy sometimes, right? They were $1.50 per bottle. I picked the flavors melon and strawberry.

The reason I wanted it so badly was because of the bottle design not really the taste. The bottle is all glass and sealed with a marble. When the marble is released, the drink is carbonated. While you drink, the marble clatters around. I know I seem crazy, but it’s so cool! I saw a video once of someone opening a bottle and the drink sprayed everywhere! Thank goodness it didn’t happen to me! 

It is kind of complicated to open, so I found these step by step directions online!

I personally like the melon flavor a lot better than the strawberry one. There are so many ramune flavors out there, but I have only tried two. I definitely want to try more! Have you had ramune before? Tell me about your experience!


5 thoughts on “Food: Japanese Ramune Soda

  1. Ramune is one of my favorite drinks! I’ve only tried the original and lychee flavours though… it’s so expensive in Australia! It’s around $3.50 per bottle 😦


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