Review: Nature Republic Blackhead Remover Nose Patch

I bought 3 nose patches from Nature Republic and decided to try them out since they were only $0.90 each. Not to mention the adorable packaging! I also like the convenient design of the patch. It’s neat and fast. This product also doesn’t only work for the nose. It can be used only the forehead and chin as well.

When I first put it on the smell wasn’t great. And it was right on my nose so it was pretty strong.

10 minutes later, I took it off. It came off easily except for a tiny bit of residue left over. The effect was alright. It saw that it removed a bit, but it wasn’t really noticeable.

Directions: (again… In Korean, so I will translate.)

1. Wet the area around your treatment area with warm water to open up pores.

2. Peel off clear film and place the patch on the area with the sticky side down.

3. Wait about 10 minutes and then peel off!

It usually leaves behind some white marks, so I suggest washing your face again after your done.


-Adorable packaging

-Convenient design

-Very cheap


-Unpleasant smell

-Almost ineffective



6 thoughts on “Review: Nature Republic Blackhead Remover Nose Patch

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    • Hi! So I found that this product contains Amazon clay, which removes blackheads. I checked out other blackhead removing products and most of them contain this clay. When I used it, the only drying part was the white residue it left on my nose, but after I just simply rinsed the area with water, it was fine. Everyone has different skin and mine is typically more oily around the nose, so it didn’t dry out my skin. If it still feels dry, I would just suggest putting on a moisturizer. Thanks! Hope this helps! ♡

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