Ulzzang (얼짱) Eye and Lips Makeup

Ulzzang means best face in Korean. This makeup style shows off cute and innocence. Here are some major trends in the ulzzang style. It usually consists of the thick, straight eyebrows, puppy dog eyes, and gradient lips.

Straight Eyebrow♡:

The eyebrows are filled in, giving off a more innocent look.

Puppy dog eyeliner:

The eyeliner wing points down rather than upwards.

Aegyo sal (애교살) ♪

Aegyo sal is the bag right under the eye. The first picture shows eyes without the aegyo sal and the second shows the aegyo sal. This is such a popular trend that many girls even get surgery for it. Etude house even has a product just to emphasize the aegyo sal.

I have never used it before, but I definitely want to try it someday!

Gradient Lips:

I found this picture online on another website and these lips look so delicate and pretty!

So what do you think about the ulzzang style? I think that it can be really cute sometimes, but it can also get too exaggerated. I think my favorites are the straight eyebrows and the aegyo sal. What about you? I might make tutorials for each of these trends later on.

Thanks! Kelly☆


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