Weight Loss Tips

 Almost everyone you ask wants to lose weight, but it is always a very challenging task. You can either lose weight very quickly or gradually, which is of course, a lot healthier. I recommend losing weight gradually since it is healthier for you and you are not starving yourself, but if you really need to slim down quickly, I understand.

Gradual Weight Loss:

1. Calories Per Day

The average number of calories for one person each day is around 2,000, so if you want to lose weight, I suggest staying under 1,400-1,600.

2. Use a calorie counter

Keeping track of the number of calories you consume can be very tricky, so use an app that will count for you! I have tried the My Fitness Pal app and it was pretty decent. There are also other apps like MyPlate Calorie Tracker available to download.

3. Drink a lot of water.

Processing urine and excreting it uses a lot of energy, so drinking more water will increase the energy used. Did you know that kidneys are one of the organs that use up the most energy? Of course, you will urinate more, but at least you will lose weight. You could also drink green tea like how I mentioned in my previous post.

4. Eat fruits instead of dessert.

Trust me, I thought this was gonna be so hard, but it was so easy. I know that this sounds impossible for most people and that’s exactly how I felt, but if you actually try it, it definitely is not. Fruits are so good and they are sweet just like desserts. Whenever I am craving ice cream, I usually eat frozen figs. Freezing fruits are cold like ice cream, so it was so delicious! I freeze figs, grapes, and bananas. I love all fruits, but some of my current favorites are papaya, mango, and raspberries. Berries are also extremely high in antioxidants, so they are super healthy too!

5. Replace snacks with nuts.

Instead of eating the usual potato chips or cookies, try nuts! I have been eating nuts lately, and I honestly haven’t eaten potato chips for the past 5 months! My absolute favorite snack ever is Candied Pecans from Trader Joes!!! Believe me when I say that these are amazing! They are perfectly sweetened and a tiny bit salty. I think they are about $3.99 a pack. Please try these they are so good!

Quick Weight Loss:

The following tips are for quick weight loss, but please DO NOT starve yourself. It’s more for like if you want to lose 2-3 pounds just for a special event or something.

1. Eat one sweet potato for each meal.

IU is known to follow a plan similar to this when she wants to lose weight quickly. Sweet potatoes are healthy and can also make you feel full longer without too many calories. This plan can lose up to 2 pounds each day.


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