Recipe: Low Fat Papaya Smoothie

So, as I talked about before, I have been replacing my usual ice cream with more fruits. I absolutely love papaya and I have been drinking this smoothie and it’s so delicious! It contains brown sugar which is healthier than regular sugar and fat free milk for a lower fat content. I wanted to share it with you so here is the recipe!

Papaya Smoothie Recipe:

I think when I make this recipe, it makes about 5-6 glasses of smoothie.


♡1 papaya

♡Brown sugar

♡Fat free milk

1. Cut up the papaya into small pieces. The size doesn’t matter so much, just small enough so that it can fit in your blender.

2. Dump the papaya pieces into the blender and gently shake up the papaya to let it settle in place.

3. Pour milk to about 3/4 of the height of the papaya.

4. Add in about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar or less if you want it not as sweet.

5. And blend! Blend until the papaya chunks are no longer visible and the ingredients are mixed well.

6. Enjoy this delicious, refreshing smoothie!


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