My Spring Wardrobe Wishlist ♡

Spring is coming soon! I need the warmer weather… Am I the only one that goes eyeshopping? Is that even a thing? Anyways, I am always just going on certain websites and drooling at certain pieces that are so gorgeous. Instead of actually purchasing them, I just look at them. This is a good way to cope if your a shopaholic like me!  Here are some pieces that I have been eyeing lately:

1. Dowisi Denim Panel Chiffon Dress

This dress is just so pretty♡♡. The colors, design, everything! It looks so soft and gentle. And the colors just represent spring! Why?! Just why is it so gorgeous and perfect?!
2. Pangmama Bow-Accent Wedge Sandals

These sandals are so cute! I love how there is a small wedge. Not like the huge tall ones, but just something medium. The color also and the bow so pretty! I need these!

3. CLICK Lace Hem Long-Sleeved Top

These shirts are really really pretty! Why is everything pretty?! The lace trim at the bottom… The combination just perfect. If I had to choose I think I would choose the pink one on the left. You might be noticing a common theme with the colors though, that’s right, I LOVE PASTEL COLORS!
4. Kitsh Island Rhinestone Star Layered Bracelet


I am just in love with this bracelet. It is a rose gold bracelet set with four different types. It it so delicate and soft. I really like how its just a small accent to your outfit and doesn’t just grab all of the attention.
4. Ninna Nanna Floral Pattern Panel Denim Shirt

This shirt has a girly touch on the classic denim shirt. Love the pink butons and floral top section! It also looks so comfy and flowy! Why don’t we have clothes like this in New York?!
5. Maymaylu Dreams Short-Sleeved Stripe T-Shirt

I have always loved stripes, but when I saw this shirt I died. I absolutely adore that contrasting shirt pocket. Although it may be a minor addition, that is what made me go crazy for this shirt!

Those were some pieces that really show my personal taste. What do you think of them? Did you like them too? What are some of your wish items?


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