My Bath & Body Works Collection ☆

Bath & Body Works is an inexpensive brand with pretty good products. I usually shop here if I need to purchase something quickly and cheap. I looked in my room and realized that I have so many products from this company, so I decided to mak a post on it. ♡

Look at how many products I have!

I never realized how much I had untill yesterday! I will go through each of the categories and later reveal which ones are my favorites and worth buying!

Lotions ♡

From left to right

1. Cucumber Melon- Anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion

2. French lavender & honey-Triple moisture body cream

3. Brown sugar and fig-Triple moisture body cream

4. Mad about you-Shea and vitamin E body lotion

I find that most of their lotions have too strong of a scent. I would prefer that it is less subtle, since it is a cream, not a perfume.

Fragrances ♡

From left to right

1. Beautiful day- Fragrance mist

2. Pink chiffon- Fragrance mist

3. French lavender & honey- Fine fragrance mist

4. Cool citrus basil-Body splash

Sanitizers ♡

From left to right

1. Cucumber melon- Waterless hand foam

The rest are all just regular hand sanitizing gel.

2. Vanilla bean

3. Nectarine mint

4. Aqua blossom

5. Apricot mango

6. Strawberry hibiscus

7. Fresh lavender

8. Sweet pea

9. Sunflower citrus

10. Cucumber melon

11. Tropical passion fruit

☆My favorites☆

Out of all of these products there are a few that I really recommend buying! It’s worth it!

1. French lavender & honey- Fine fragrance mist 

2. Japanese cherry blossom- Hand sanitizing gel

3. Beautiful day- Fragrance mist

I think these are some the best products mostly because of their scent. Omg they smell amazing!

Thanks! What is your experience with Bath & Bodyworks? Have you tried any of these before?


6 thoughts on “My Bath & Body Works Collection ☆

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  2. I wish I could have a Bath & Body Works! I live in England, and I was looking at their website and some of their scents are amzing and so cheap! Haha I wish I had one in England and also a Target! Loving this blog! So glad I decided to start blogging xxx

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