5 Skin Care Hacks

Skin care is important for most people. Your skin is the base for everything you use, so we want to keep it in its best shape possible!

1. The 4-2-4 cleansing method

When you are cleansing your skin, we all want to get rid of any dirt or traces of oil from our face, but most of the time some of it is not washed off. The 4-2-4 method stands for 4 minutes of rinsing face with warm water, 2 minutes of rubbing cleanser into skin, and 4 minutes of rinsing with cool water. The 4 minutes of rinsing with warm water ensures that dirt is flushed out and the pores are opened up for the cleanser. After the cleanser in rubbed into skin, use circular motions to gently rub it in for 2 minutes. Using circular motions can increase circulation to skin and result in a brighter tone. You also want to make sure to not rub in the cleanser for too long either because it can cause dry, peeling skin. After the cleanser is properly rubbed in, finally rinse it off for 4 minutes with cool water. We want to make sure that all the cleanser is out, or it can cause clogged pores. The cool water will close up the pores to prevent dirt from getting in.

2. Patting on moisturizer

Most people make the mistake of rubbing in moisturizer. A better way is to actually lightly tap it in. I usually first begin by dotting it all over my face. This can help with even distribution of the cream. Once, it is all over my face, I use my fingertips to gently pat it in. By patting it in, rather than rubbing, it can help your skin absorb the moisture better.

3. Misting your face with water throughout the day

It is very hard to take care of your skin throughout the day, since most people are at school or work, but this is a simple tip that can be easily achieved. Fill up a spray bottle with water and a few times a day, just spray the water all over your face. You can get fancy and add it some green tea, vitamin c, or argan oil, but just plain water will already make a huge difference. It helps your skin stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Double cleanse

I know this may seem like a lot of unnecessary work, but trust me, it’s worth it. Cleanse your skin twice. Use an oil cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser. Cleaning only once just doesn’t completely clear your skin from any dirts. An oil cleanser will first eliminate and dirt present, and a foaming cleanser will remove oils. Cleansing twice is especially needed for those who wear full makeup. Although your skin may seem pretty clean after your makeup remover, there really is still a lot of product left over and a double cleanse can make sure that it is gone.

5. Use a honey mask once a week.

Once a week, just slather honey all over your face and wait 10 minutes. This makes a huge difference in complexion and it only takes 10 minutes a week. Honey is moisturizing, smoothing, softening, tightening, and brightening. It is one of the best ingredients for your skin. You may realize that almost all masks have honey in them.

Have you heard of any of these skin care hacks before? Try them out!


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