Review: Baroness Cucumber Mask Sheet (베로니스 오이 마스크 시트)

I picked up this mask at Forever 21 since it was so cheap. It was only $1.90 for one. I have never heard of the Korean brand BARONESS, but it had some pretty good reviews, so I gave it a shot.

I am in love with sheet masks and the fun that comes with trying out the different types. They are also super convenient to use. There is a HUGE variety of sheet masks that are available in Asia. I am so glad that they are gaining popularity in the US!

Here are some pictures:



In case the picture is not clear enough, on the package it says what this cucumber mask does.

“Baroness Cucumber highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet contain cucumber extracts which restores hydration, brighten, and regenerate skin. It heals, reduce acne, inflammation and blemishes, resulting in clearer, brighter and rejuvenated complexion.”

I decided to use this specific mask because my skin is completely damaged. I went away for a few days on a school trip and the freezing air there really destroyed my skin. It’s been a few weeks and parts of my skin are still rough and peeling. I really hope the restoring hydration claim of this mask is actually true.


1. Cleanse and tone face.

2. Apply sheet mask onto dried face.

3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. (Though, I prefer 30!)

4. Remove mask gently. Do not rinse to allow further absorption.

I opened it up.

Opened mask sheet

The second I opened it, I felt a really strong cucumber scent. It smelled so good! LOL I just have a really huge judgement on smells. It was very wet and almost dripping.

The mask had a pretty good fit. The only thing I will say is that I wish it covered up further down along the bottom chin area, but other than that it was good.

30 minutes later…

I noticed I pretty drastic change in the damaged and dried out parts of my face. It really did feel a lot more hydrated and moisturized. My blemishes were diminished quite a bit and my pores were noticeably smaller. I am very very satisfied with this product! Although I am not familiar with the brand BARONESS, I will definitely repurchase other products.



-Nice scent

-Very hydrating

-Reduces blemishes and pores

-Good fit




20 thoughts on “Review: Baroness Cucumber Mask Sheet (베로니스 오이 마스크 시트)

  1. Nice! I’ve never purchased a face mask from Forever 21 because it just seemed sketchy to me for some reason. I recently picked up a bamboo face mask from Aritaum that I’ve yet to try out. I think I’ll be trying this face mask from Forever 21 soon, though! 🙂

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  2. amazing! Thanks so much for the review! I always go for my Mint Julep face mask to diminish my pores, but I’ve been searching for a mask that does the same while hydrating! So I’m about ready to run to Forever21 to find this magical mask you’ve tried!!

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      • Thank you! I try to interact as best I can (managing the blog site + FB Page + Twitter can be a taskful). I never considered trying a face mask until you decided to do a step by step demo because it looks daunting to me.

        Thankfully, your skin didn’t have a bad reaction to it. One of the difficulties in trying skincare products is the worry that it will trigger a bad reaction > n < . I've passed by the Bargain Bins in some of the Forever 21s that I pass through but I never considered trying the Face Mask. But then again, I haven't exactly seen those babies in the Forever 21s in my area.

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