Review: Etude House Aloe Mask Sheet

Here we are, on the first review of my Korean Sheet Masks Haul!  I will begin my Korean Sheet Mask Haul series with this review on the I Need You, Aloe! Mask Sheet by Etude House.

I have heard many many wonderful benefits aloe can have for your skin. Hydration, even out tone, … aloe just about does it all. So first of all here are some pictures of the packaging.

front side

back side

The packaging is so cute! I love the color and design. Oh, and here is a closer look at the ingredients.



This is what it says the mask sheet does:

This mask sheet contains aloe extract, known for its multi-function of quenching thirsty skin, soothing irritated areas, and instantly cooling heated skin.

When I opened it, it felt completely saturated with the serum. It was so hard to take the following picture. Haha lol, my phone got all wet. But here is the opened mask sheet.

opened mask sheet

It smelled really good and natural. It didn’t have that hard perfume scent, which I love about it.

my mask face!!

I really really loved the fit of this mask! The mask fits much closer to my eyes and also covers more of my chin, so much more coverage than the BARONESS mask sheet I reviewed last time.

About 30 minutes later~

My skin is still rather dry from the winter, and this mask really helped moisturize those areas. And many sheet masks only keep your skin moisturized for a short period of time, but this actually maintained the moisture for another few hours after! It didn’t really shrink my pores much, but it did reduce redness quite a bit.. This mask did exactly what It was supposed to do, so I am pretty happy with this product! I will definitely repurchase it!


Cute packaging!

Amazing fit

Nice natural scent

Super effective at moisturizing

Reduces redness


Maybe only the fact that the only thing it does is moisturize. I would hope for it to have evened out skin tone too. But now I’m expecting too much.


10 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Aloe Mask Sheet

  1. Well I don’t think aloe masks will be the best for evening out skin tone – for that, you could try brightening masks! I tried the Aloe one too, I loved it!! Super moisturizing! Liked you’re review!

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