Best Foods for Clearer Skin

We are what we eat and a major affect of a bad diet, is our skin condition. Many foods can cause break-outs or blemishes, but here are some that will help you get that beautiful, clear, and glowing skin that we all want!

Dark Berries

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries… They are all super good for you and packed with antioxidants. Try freezing them and making a smoothie! I always do this and it’s delicious!


I personally, really love nuts!  A decrease in the amount of zinc and selenium can lead to acne, but nuts get boost your production of them. They are also full of healthy fats, that can increase metabolism. My favorites are Brazil nuts and pecans! Next time you want a snack, have a handful of nuts instead!


Tomatoes can increase collagen production. You may know that collagen is present in many skincare products to improve skin condition, but get them naturally from tomatoes! They can also stimulate blood circulation.


Tofu is a staple in many Asian meals, so I grew up eating a lot of it. And it is one my favorite foods in the world! It is packed with calcium and protein and is low in calories. I love to eat it raw with a bit of soy sauce or you can spice it up by pan frying it and adding a bit of salt.


Kale, no one likes kale. It is know for being bitter and just ewwww. But it has what I call an alphabet of vitamins. It has vitamin A, B, C, E, K. Try buying Trader Joe’s Kale Chips. I actually am addicted to them. I honestly prefer these kale chips over any type of chips, although they are a bit pricey: $4 for a small package.


Here, you are hearing about avocado again. Almost everyone has heard about how healthy avocado is at least 10 times. But it’s also great for your skin. It can improve luminosity, brightness, and moisturization of skin. Try adding it to your sandwich or salad!


Salmon contains a lot of omega-3 and good protein. I have also heard that it can make you smarter, but I don’t know if that’s true. I eat a lot of salmon, but why am I not smart?  Probably not true then…

Are you familiar with any of these foods? What do you think about them?

Thanks for reading! Love, Kelly


14 thoughts on “Best Foods for Clearer Skin

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    I have been following this adorable Korean-American blogger, Kelly Jung, for a month now. I promise, she knows what she’s talking about, and I get so excited whenever she posts, so that I can learn more about her culture & skincare recommendations. She has now made me want to try more Asian skincare brands & make something with tofu in it. Check out this post she wrote on the best foods for your skin, and look around her blog. She has some great, informative pieces

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