Review: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Cream

This is the first review of my Korean skincare haul! This cream is one of the best creams out there and was even chosen by Get It Beauty! Get It Beauty is a popular hit beauty show in Korea where they teach beauty tips and tricks! Let’s see how good it really is!

This cream is from the line of Super Aqua Max by Nature Republic. Although this product usually costs $30 at the Nature Republic store, you can get in online for around $15.

They have three different types of creams for three different types of skin. I thought this was pretty cool since they created a product for the variety of skin types out there. The green one is for combination skin, the blue for oily, and the pink for dry. The one I got was the tourquiose-y color which is for combination skin.

Many of the ingredients are from the ocean, which supposedly provides nutrients and moisture for the skin. Let’s open it up!

The packaging is honestly quite stunning. It looks very expensive and high quality. The cap has a swirl shape on it, which looks really cool in my opinion. Definitely a high score for the packaging. It also comes with a little spatula which is used to prevent bacteria contamination as much as possible.

The cream has a very thick gel-like texture that does feel very moisturizing, but the smell isn’t so great. It doesn’t smell bad or anything, the only thing is that it smells a lot like men’s cologne. Yep, it had this sort of manly smell to it. It starts of pretty strong, but it fades after a while.

When you apply it, it spreads out very nicely for such a thick texture. You only need a tiny spoon for the entire face. I would say that this jar would probably last me a couple of months. I use this cream during the night and sleep with it on. The next morning when I woke up, I felt my face and it was still very very moist! When I washed my face that morning, I could still feel that gel layer over my face. It definitely helped contain moisture for a very long time.

I think this cream would be very good for all year round because it isn’t too heavy for the summer and provides enough moisture for the winter as well. I would definitely repurchase it!


Amazing packaging!

Very long-lasting moisture

Easy application

Lasts for months


Smells sort of manly



17 thoughts on “Review: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Cream

  1. Your review makes me want to go to the nearest Nature Republic store! I really want to get this but I’m trying to finish up the moisturizer I am currently using. Do you use a separate daytime moisturizer? 🙂 x

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