Review: SKIN FOOD Natural Fresh Oil Paper

SKIN FOOD is a very popular cosmetic brand in Korea and I am so excited to be able to review this product!

Below, is the official picture that skinfood had up for this product.
All there products are natural and safe for your skin. This products is made out  hemp to naturally absorb excess oil. I bought this at the original Skin food store for $5 for 100 sheets.

As usual, really nice packaging. Seriously all the Asian skincare products really have the best packaging.

When you open it up, the paper is protected by a cute little plastic sleeve.

Each individual sheet is in a sort of dispenser kind of packaging. This design makes it really easy to take just one sheet at a time. When you take out a sheet, it is much bigger than you expect since it is all folded up inside.

Now let’s see its oil absorption capabilities!! I have skin that can get oily rather quickly so I wonder how well it can absorb it!

It absorbs quickly, but since it’s so thin, it can’t really absorb that much oil. I think to cover my entire face, I would need about 2 sheets. I prefer the Nature Republic Oil Control Film since it can take in a lot more oil. It makes sense though, since it is only paper and was cheaper.


Cute packaging

Easy dispensing

Absorbs oil pretty well


Isn’t able to absorb that much oil



12 thoughts on “Review: SKIN FOOD Natural Fresh Oil Paper

  1. I really recommend the Neutrogena Oil Wipes!!! I’ve been using that for over a year now and it’s helped soooo much. I also have extremely oily skin and I’ve tried so many solutions but this is the only one that actually worked (not to the extent that I wished which was to completely control the sebum production but it helped my face not look like i dumped a pan of oil on it)

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  2. Since I wear makeup all day long, I need tons of oil film but once I ran out of it so I rushed to the closest makeup store which was Skin Food and I bought that oil paper. After I saw how it absorbed not only the oil but also the makeup, I threw it away. What a waste -___-“

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  3. I’ve never heard of Skin Food…interesting name for a brand though! And I love the dispenser type of packaging this has! It makes it very convenient. And yeah…those sheets don’t really look like they absorb much.
    I read somewhere that toilet seat covers (the paper ones that public bathrooms usually have) absorb oil too because it’s made of the same material as oil-absorbing wipes, but I don’t know if that’s true.

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