Review: TONYMOLY I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet Review

After my good experience with 2 TONYMOLY sheet masks, I decided to buy the rest of the collection to see if they are just as good. So here, is my review for the first one: the tomato radiance mask!

As usual, let’s begin with pictures of the packaging.

The TONYMOLY mask sheets all have a similar unique shape. On the back of the mask, it says that it makes the skin smooth and radiant. Tomato is often known for its brightening properties it offers for the skin. After my recent trip, my skin got a lot darker. Well, it’s what I should expect from spending hours at a time in the sun. I decided to use this specific sheet mask hoping that it could reverse the damage I did. Here is a closer picture of the ingredients and directions.

(Sorry about the glare on the pictures)

I feel like all of the mask sheets from the I’m Real line are super soaked in the essence. I have used many masks before, but this is one is the wettest one for sure. It almost feels like a huge waste after a one-time use. Just like all the others, this one was no different. Yup, it gets so slippery that it makes it really hard to apply, but I would still consider this a good thing.
For me, personally, the nose area is really short. In this picture, I think I wore it a little bit too low. Either my nose is just really distorted and long or tony moly should adjust the nose part of the mask. But other than that, the fit was pretty decent on the parts.

30 minutes later~

When the description said that it would make the skin look radiant, they really weren’t lying. My skin got sooo much brighter!! I could even see a line between where the mask covered and where it didn’t! Almost like a tan line but just the opposite. This mask really did what it said it would do, so I think it definitely deserves a good rating!


Contains a lot of essence

Smells decent (but not like tomatoes)

Did exactly what it said it would do: Amazing brightening and radiance


Ok fit (but this might just be for my face)


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