K-Pop Girl Idol Diet Plans

If you have ever heard of K-pop, the first thing everyone notices is how freakin’ skinny every girl is. Their job requires them to have a super slim body even though it may be very unhealthy. Although most diets are known to be extreme, there are still a few out there that are a pretty healthy way to lose weight. Here I will tell you about all the different types!

The Watermelon Diet


This diet plan got its fame from the gorgeous Park Bom of 2NE1. First of all, Park Bom is basically my girl crush, so I thought this was really interesting. Basically, this diet involves eating only watermelon, since it has such a high water content. It results in extreme fast weight loss. This probably isn’t the healthiest diet, but it gets quick results.

The One Food Diet


In the one food diet, you choose only one food that you will eat. Usually, a low fat food is chosen like a vegetable or fruit. Dasom of SISTAR followed this diet plan and chose to eat only cucumbers. She lost 10kg in 3 weeks! Again, not a very healthy choice.

IU’s Daily Meal Plan


IU is already so so skinny, but she still diets. Here is her daily food intake:

Breakfast- Apple

Lunch- 2 sweet potatoes

Dinner- Protein drink

If I ate like this, I would be so depressed. Eating food is possibly my favorite thing to do in the world.

The Paper Cup Diet


This diet is not as bad as the previous two. Take 3 small paper cups and fill each one with a different side dish. For each meal, you are allowed to eat 3 full cups of food, usually healthy. This helps to control portion sizes. Nine Muses was the girl group well-known for this diet.

The Banana Diet


The banana diet is probably the healthies and least extremes diet plan out of all of them. The only requirement is to eat a banana instead of regular breakfast. All the other meals stay the same. Seo In Young followed this and claimed that it helped create a beautiful V-line face shape.

What do you think of these diet plans?





16 thoughts on “K-Pop Girl Idol Diet Plans

  1. I’ve been on a diet since this month started.. i try to only eat 2 times a day and less than 1200 calories since my school is going to start soon and i don’t want to look like pig.. i think i lost 1 or 2 kg . I really want to do the park bom diet but i’m allergic to watermelon … it sucks ! cause it’s so yummy and healthy.

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  2. My friend did that banana diet before. She lost 7 kilos in a month yet she looked so pale and tired. Freaked me out!
    The paper cup diet sounds interesting but all I want is to get rid of my chubby cheeks tho, coz I’m already really thin, like a pole. T^T
    Does anybody know a healthy way to get a v-line face shape? I’ve been massaging it every night since last year and want to avoid using slimming cream.

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  3. You’d think they would go nuts eating like that but when they aren’t promoting their album and music, they’re eating whatever they like. For example Girls Generation recently had their comeback so they must have dieted a lot.

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  4. I’ve been wanting to try the paper cup one just to see how well it works, I might still do it!
    I’ve gone and gained a whole lot of weight recently so it would probably help me with my portions!

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  5. These all sounds so awfully unhealthy, but at the same time, I don’t know that I believe they really stick to it 😂 Idols’ rehearsal and work schedules are so intense, so they need a lot of energy to be successful, and probably they burn a ton of calories in dance practice…hmm.

    To be honest, I definitely care too much about staying slim and don’t really talk much about that, but health and happiness have to come first!

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    • I agree! If they had to dance all day, there would no way that they could possibly do it with so little energy. Yup healthy and happy is always better. Even though they may look glamorous right now, later on as they age, it won’t matter as much anymore. I mean like you can’t be an idol forever.

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