Trend & Tutorial: Get Smiling Eyes with Aegyo Sal (애교살)! 

Aegyo sal has been a super popular beauty and makeup trend in Asia. It emphasizes your undereye bag that gives you an innocent and youthful look. Hopefully, I can tell and explain to you exactly what it is as well as show you how to create one!

What is aegyo sal?

It is the bag right under your eye that appears when you smile. Don’t confuse it with eye bags! I made this diagram to hopefully clear it up for you!

Since an aegyo sal can make your eyes look bigger and wider, many women in Asia are obsessed with emphasizing it!

So let’s begin shall we?

Ok, so let’s first locate our Aegyo sal line. It is more obvious in some, but if it is hard to find for you, just smile! Your Aegyo sal always naturally appears when you smile! The diagram shows about where it should be.

Now, grab your eyeshadow palette. Pick a shade lighter than your skin tone and another one that is darker. I would choose something similar to the two below.  

Now, using the darker shade, draw a line directly on your Aegyo sal line. This sort of outlines it. Next, using the light shade, highlight it by filling in the area between the bottom of your eye to the line you just drew!

Now, you should have beautiful, and adorable smiling eyes!!

Hope this helps!


13 thoughts on “Trend & Tutorial: Get Smiling Eyes with Aegyo Sal (애교살)! 

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  2. I’ve been doing it since years. At first all my friends said that it’s weird and they all just wanted to get rid of their aegyo sal but now it’s a big trend.
    I don’t have natural aegyo sal that’s why I need to fake it all the time (or sleep for 5-6 hours a day which also thickened my eye bags lol). Most korean makeup brand sells products to fake aegyo sal. I belive Etude have a product called Tear Drop or sth like that idk to highlight the aegyo sal. In Japan they call aegyo sal as Namida Bukuro (Tears Bag) and most of em fake it with tape but it’s really a tough job so I’m okay with eyeshadow haha.

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