DIY Rice Sheet Gel Mask With Vietnamese Spring Roll Wraps!

Gel masks can be pretty expensive, so I will show you how you make your own with just one ingredient: Vietnamese spring roll wrapsI saw this on the show Get It Beauty, a popular beauty show in Korea. When I first saw it, I was like omg this is so smart!! So, of course, I tried it out.

Vietnamese spring rolls are mainly made of rice and wheat flour and rice is well known for its many skincare benefits. When you buy them, they are hard and thin like paper, but once you soak them, they completely change! Once they are soaked they get soft and squishy, like a gel mask!!


1. Get a Vietnamese spring roll sheet. I used these.

2. Cut it up into pieces so that you can place them on your face with a comfortable fit.

3. Fill up a large bowl with water or even green tea for some extra benefits!!

4. Place the spring roll wraps into the bowl and soak in the water for about 45 seconds.

5. Once they are thoroughly soaked, place them on your face. When they dry, it sticks to your face really well, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

6. After at least 15 minutes, remove the pieces.

My finished mask face! 
This sounds really too good to be true, right? But here are the results!

My skin got so so much brighter and softer!! When my sister saw me, she was surprised at how white and bright my face looked. Honestly, I think this is better than any store bought sheet mask I have ever used in its brightening properties. My skin was really smooth and my acne spots were less visible!! I was pretty amazed at how his worked and I hope you will be too!


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