Battle of the Lip Balms! Eos vs. Softlips

The cold weather is here! Many people remember to protect their skin, but out lip skin needs moisture too! So here’s a review of 2 lip balms that have helped me get through this season without chapped or dry lips! Let’s see which one was better!

eos Sweet Mint Lip Balm


First, we have the eos sweet mint lip balm which is extremely popular. I bought this at Target for only $2.84. Of course, eos is famous for their adorable egg shaped packaging allowing for easy and smooth application. However, the large round shape makes it kind of annoying to carry around. I tried to put it in my pencil case, but it got in the way with a giant round lump. I have tried many eos lip balms, but the sweet mint one is by far my favorite. The mint flavor leaves a refreshing and soothing tingling feeling on your lips after application. I find that this lip balm is extremely moisturizing and leaves your lips feeling plump and healthy for quite a while!

softlips Vanilla Lip Protectant

 The pack came with 2 of these sticks so for $2.99 it includes a pack of two. This smells really sweet and yummy like vanilla! As you can tell in the picture, the stick is very small, so the application is not as convenient as the eos lip balm. But the pro of its shape, is that it is very easy to carry around. Since it is so thin, it fits perfectly into my pencil case without taking up too much space. Now for its moisturizing properties… It is not as thick and heavy as the eos formula, so it doesn’t stay moisturized for as long as the eos lip balm. However the thing i like about this is that it has SPF20 which actually is pretty important even in the winter.



I just really adored the moisturization and tingling mint feeling that this lip balm had!! My lips felt moisturized for a much longer time than the softlips one. I have used this one for years now and will probably never give it up unless I find something even better!!

Have you guys used any of these lip balms before? Which lip balms are you loving right now?


17 thoughts on “Battle of the Lip Balms! Eos vs. Softlips

  1. My friend got a bunch of EOS lip balms when she went to America but otherwise, they’re overly-priced here in the UK T_T (3x the price you have paid for one!!!)

    Otherwise, Maybelline’s Baby Lips have been my go-to although chapped lips have never been a major problem for me.

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