American Makeup vs. Asian Makeup

With different cultures, also comes different makeup styles. Popular makeup trends in countries like Korea, China, and Japan are completely different from the ones popular here in the US.

Below, I have a picture of the original girl. Further down below, I used a makeup app to create an Asian makeup look on the right, and American makeup on the left. These makeup looks are just inspired by what I see here and what I see in pictures of Asian makeup.

Same exact picture, but the makeup can make her look completely different, right?!

 Which look do your prefer? Both are gorgeous, but which one better fits your style??


22 thoughts on “American Makeup vs. Asian Makeup

  1. I normally stick with an in-between haha. My brows are naturally dark and arched so no straight asian brows for me😂 and i usually go a little japanese or korean with my eyes and then i do a lipstick instead of a lip tint.

    I prefer asian makeup though bc its a lot more subtle and a lot easier to take off omg

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  2. I think they’re both really pretty. On myself I like a combination of both or sometimes it depends on how I am feeling. btw I just started my own blog after stumbling across yours! 😀 It would be amazing if you can give my some tips/advice for starting out a blog… But thanks! 🙂

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  3. I think I like aspects of both types which I think is reflected in my makeup. I prefer the straight eyebrows, natural eye look but I like light contouring and more pigmented blushers. And since I’m so pale Asian foundations and BB creams are perfect for me.

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