European Cruise Trip Part 1: Copenhagen, Denmark Photo Travel Diary

This post is long overdue, but I still decided to put together a photo diary of my Europe cruise trip. I went to six different countries and it was truly an amazing and beautiful trip, so I really wanted to share it with you!

The first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark!

europe cruise 2015 012

As we walked along this road, there were many well-known brands and shops.

europe cruise 2015 019

And then I passed by this delicious-looking ice cream stand and I got tempted. I got a ferrero rocher flavor ice cream and it was soooo good! It was very creamy and much richer than the normal ice cream I eat in the US.

europe cruise 2015 036

We just took a casual walk along the streets and I was surprised by how many rivers and boats there were! It was such a beautiful sunny day and the scenes were gorgeous!

europe cruise 2015 037europe cruise 2015 039

We got hungry, so we stopped by a bakery and got this beautiful fruit dessert! It looked so pretty, but the taste was meh. The cream on top was really really sweet.

europe cruise 2015 040

Later on that day, we climbed up hundred of steps to see this view of the town. I am extremely afraid of heights and the platform was so narrow, so everyone was laughing at me as I clung to the side of the building… My brother took this stunning panoramic shot as I cowered in the back. hehe

europe cruise 2015 046

We visited a huge market full of different food shops and tried so much food! This is the duck confit sandwich which had a sort of mustardy sauce. Tasted amazing!

europe cruise 2015 063

Denmark is also well-known for their open sandwiches, so we decided to try it out. We got the roast beef and potatoes one (left) and the smoked salmon one (right). There were pretty expensive at about $8 and it was only about the size of my hand. The taste wasn’t even that great, so definitely not worth the price.

europe cruise 2015 065

The next food stop we made was at a bakery famous for their cinnamon rolls.Their most famous was actually already sold out, so we got these instead. They tasted so fresh!

europe cruise 2015 067europe cruise 2015 073

We decided to try the open sandwiches again hoping that we could find better tasting ones since this is one of their specialty foods. These were much more affordable at about $2 each, but they still didn’t taste that great. I guess open sandwiches just aren’t my thing…

europe cruise 2015 074

Finally, we stopped by a famous hot dog stand, but these aren’t just any regular hot dog. These are topped with a special mustard sauce, ketchup, fried onions, and pickles and seriously you can’t miss this! Each of these were $7 but were totally worth it! I would say that this was my favorite food in all of Copenhagen, Denmark that I ate.

europe cruise 2015 076

Like I mentioned before, we took a cruise vacation through Europe, so we boarded the cruise after a day in Denmark. I took a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise that would make stops at Denmark, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden.

europe cruise 2015 081

We ate at a restaurant that was included in our cruise fare called Versailles. The appetizer I got was this crab cake. It looked so pretty, but I think I’m a little spoiled by my mom’s crab cakes because compared to my mom’s these tasted like crap. Sorry but I’m just being honest.

europe cruise 2015 087

For my entree, I ordered duck pasta (It had a much fancier sounding name, but I forgot it lol). It tasted a little bland, but it wasn’t bad. I thought those fat noodles were really cool though.

europe cruise 2015 088

Finally, for dessert I got pistachio creme brulee! I have always loved creme brulee. I mean seriously who doesn’t like it? I couldn’t really taste the pistachio, but it still tasted really good!

europe cruise 2015 089

The cruise then departed for the next stop, Germany! I really hoped that you enjoyed my photo diary of Copenhagen, Denmark and I will upload part 2 of my vacation soon.

I have never done this kind of post before, so please let me know if you enjoyed it!


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