European Cruise Trip Part 2: Germany Photo Travel Diary

If you read my previous travel diary of part 1, you know my first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark. The next stop was Germany! Here are some of the pictures I took of the beautiful country!

europe cruise 2015 092europe cruise 2015 098europe cruise 2015 099

We also stopped by this sort of deli store for lunch. They sold a variety of different sweet and salty pastries. My family decided to try a few and they were all really good!

europe cruise 2015 101europe cruise 2015 107europe cruise 2015 114

There was a boardwalk along a river with many many boats selling seafood. There were was a huge crowd around this boat, so we decided to try it out. We got fried calamari and a fish filet, but they didn’t taste so good.

europe cruise 2015 116europe cruise 2015 117

Every night, Norwegian Cruise Line staff folds a cute animal out of towels and when we were returned to our room, this cute crab was waiting for us!

europe cruise 2015 120

We had dinner on the cruise again and this time, the appetizer was sushi. It looked really pretty, but the taste was ok… It didn’t really have much flavor and the sushi I buy from flushing is much better!

europe cruise 2015 121

For the entree, I ordered flounder Milanese. It was pretty good and light compared to other foods I ate. The fish was crispy and the salad was tasty too.

europe cruise 2015 122 (1)

For dessert, I had this amazing chocolate lava cake! This was by far the best food on the cruise so far. It was warm and the chocolate just flowed out once you dug in. The melted ice cream was a perfect combination.

europe cruise 2015 125 (1)

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of Germany! Don’t forget to check out part 3 of my Europe photo diary!


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