Review: MISSHA Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Control Toner 리뷰: 미샤 수파아쿠아 안티 트러블 포뮬라 컨트롤

I bought this toner along with some other products in my Flushing Mini Haul. Like I mentioned many times before, I have oily skin, so acne is a major concern for me. I was hoping that this toner would be able to help me with this problem, so here’s the review!

Volume: 150 ml

Price: $14.26 at Missha store

The packaging is actually amazing! The toner comes in a beautiful light green glass bottle and a sturdy white plastic cap. It is a bit heavy, so it wouldn’t be good for traveling.

But I think one of the most interesting things about this product is how it works. There is sebum absorbing powder at the bottom of the bottle, so first, without shaking, you apply the toner over your entire face, then shake the bottle to mix in the sebum absorbing powder. Now, apply the mixed toner onto your t-zone or on areas where it gets more oily. I thought this was really smart because you can control the oil on specific parts of your face without making the other parts dry out.


Sebum absorbing powder controls excessive sebum and herbal extract from Swiss keeps moisture – oil balance. It makes your skin texture even while soothing the skin with fresh cooling effect.


After washing the face, apply an appropriate amount onto puff and softly wipe over the face following skin texture. Pat lightly until fully absorbed.

*Tip: Shake it to make sebum absorbing powder blended well, when you apply on T-zone or other areas where you feel oily. Recommended not to shake it, when you apply on the areas where you feel dry.

And here is the list of ingredients:

I followed the directions and first applied it without shaking to my entire face and then shook it and applied it to my oily areas. Since I was applying it twice, I found that a lot of it went to waste as it got soaked up by the cotton pad twice. However, I noticed that this toner did help control my oil throughout the day. When I blotted my face, it was noticeably less oily. I have been using this product now for about a month and overtime I have seen an improvement on my pores which seem smaller. I have also realized that I have been breaking out less frequently. I think this product is quite good and would definitely try it out again unless I find something better!


Amazing packaging

Controlled oil

Slight improvement in pores

Reduced break outs


Runs out quickly

No drastic changes


4 thoughts on “Review: MISSHA Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Control Toner 리뷰: 미샤 수파아쿠아 안티 트러블 포뮬라 컨트롤

    • Thanks for reading! I’m sorry, but I have not tried the cleansing foam from this line. I read some reviews on it and most people seem to think it is an average product. I think it can be a little drying though.


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