Kpop Girl Idol Hairstyles

Kpop girl idols are constantly changing up their hairstyles throughout their careers and setting trends. Here are a few styles that almost all kpop idols have had!

Straight, long dark hair 

This is probably the most common hairstyle among kpop girl idols. It gives off a natural and more innocent look. The hair color is usually either black or dark brown to resemble their natural color.

Short bob cut

Although many girls have usually had long hair, some idols have been daring enough to cut off most of their hair to pull off a cute short bob cut. The hair is usually cut so that the front of the hair is longer than the back and gives off a very cute and girly look.

Crazy colored hair

Many girl idols have also gone all out with crazy colored hair. Usually when they make a new come back, many idols dye their hair a unique color to attract attention. Some have dyed their entire hair a certain color, while others have even gone after rainbow hair.

See-through bangs

I actually made a full post about this hairstyle here. These see-through bangs are a lighter and more youthful alternative to the full on blunt bangs.

Long wavy hair

Although this hairstyle shows off natural hair colors of dark brown or black, the long beautiful waves really completes the look. These locks give off a very mature and classy look.

Bleached blonde hair

Probably one of the more scandalous and risky hairstyles, is this bleached blonde hair color. Many Asians can’t really pull of blonde hair since it is so different from our natural black hair, but several idols actually look really good!

 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative! Which of these hairstyles do you like best?


25 thoughts on “Kpop Girl Idol Hairstyles

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  2. Hi, Kelly 🙂 Great post! I was wondering, would you be interested to have some of your posts featured on a Korean fashion site? I found your content to be just perfect for our brand. Do let me know what you think!


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  4. Hey kelly its suha here! I just came across your blog and i have found out you share some useful and awesome information. Its really informative and helpful. I’m just setting my new blog and i needed a inspiration. Your blog inspires me alot! ^^

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  5. I love this post^-^
    And gosssh am I the only one thinking about how the hell can every color fit idols soo well?😂😂😂
    And literally almost every kind of hairstyle suits them they are so cute with every type haha😂

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  6. My personal favorite’s the bleached blonde hair! It’s part of CL’s signature look, though I think she looks preeeeetty damn good with black and gray hair too lol.

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