Review: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White 리뷰: 에이프릴스킨 매직 스노우 쿠션 화이트

April Skin’s cushion foundations have recently gotten so popular after people were amazed at its coverage abilities, so I decided to try it out for myself as well!


Moisturizing formula- contains more than 60% water-based serum with no smudging.

Excellent spreadability- the natural moisture base provides excellent spreadability with no irritation

Perfect clear skin- transparent colors for beautiful, clear baby skin

Beautiful three tones- displays clear and transparent colors perfect for Asian skin

Blocks UV rays- SPF 50+/PA+++ UV RAY blocking, whitening/wrinkle improvement, 3-in-1 product

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White is a 3-in-1 product with UV Ray blocking, whitening and wrinkle improvement effects. The cushion is light and refreshing while giving your skin a natural sparkle. Magic snow cushion white’s flawless coverage gives you smooth, pore-less skin. Perfect for uneven skin tones.

The packaging is pretty standard. It’s a simple white, sturdy case with black font.

When you open up the case, you will find a mirror and the white cushion.

The puff feels pretty soft and silky similar to all the other cushions out there. I loved it’s peachy pastel color.

After peeling away the protective sticker, the foundation is revealed! As you can see, since it’s new, the sponge isn’t completely saturated. Once you press down, the sponge soaks if all up.

The foundation itself had a pretty light fragrance, so I don’t think it will be irritating. When you apply it, it spreads on very nicely with the puff. It has a light texture, so it doesn’t really feel like you are putting on heavy makeup. The foundation did cake up around my nose area though. I found that it looked a little cakey on dry areas of your face with dead skin. I think my favorite part about this was the coverage. It seriously covered up most of my blemishes and acne scars very well! So I definitely recommend this to people who are looking for high coverage.

Here is what it looks like on my face.The finish was semi-matte. It had some glow and dewiness to it, but it wasn’t completely moisturizing and shiny. I personally really liked the finish. I have oily skin, so foundations tend to melt off during the day. The longevity was pretty average. It stayed pretty well on my cheeks, chin, and forehead areas, but my nose area was messed up.

Overall, I think this cushion was pretty good! It’s high point is definitely the coverage and finish. I just wish that it didn’t cake up around the nose.


Light texture

Subtle fragrance

High coverage, covered up acne scars

Semi-matte finish (my preference)

Soft puff


Cakes up on nose and dry areas


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