Recipe: Tofu Bulgogi (Vegan) 레시피: 두부 불고기

Any other bulgogi fans out there?? I personally love it, so I was so excited when I saw this recipe for tofu bulgogi on Seonkyoung Longest’s YouTube channel and had to try it out immediately!

The marinade in bulgogi is a perfect combination of saltiness and sweetness, and I thought it was such a good idea to combine this flavor with tofu! The original recipe called for mushrooms, but I am too lazy to prepare them, so I just doubled up on the tofu.

This is a super simple recipe that’s healthy and delicious!

♡ 1 block tofu (drained on paper towel)

♡ 2 green onions chopped

♡ 2 tbsp soy sauce

♡ 2 tbsp honey/sugar

♡ 1 tbsp sesame oil

♡ 1 tbsp garlic

♡ 1 tsp sesame seeds

1. Add the soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and garlic in a bowl and mix together.

2. Cut tofu into small cubes and add to a heated pan with cooking oil.3. Allow the tofu to brown evenly, occasionally stirring it. This will take about 8 minutes. Add more oil if the tofu sticks to the pan.

4. After the tofu has browned up, pour in the sauce mixture and toss to coat.

5. Add in the green onions and stir, then turn off the heat.

6. Place it in a serving dish and feel free to garnish with some additional sesame seeds and green onion!

Please try this recipe out because it honestly is so tasty! Have you ever had bulgogi? What about with tofu? If you make this, please share it with me!


7 thoughts on “Recipe: Tofu Bulgogi (Vegan) 레시피: 두부 불고기

  1. This looks so good! Wish I could cook lol. I cooked the other day, but it was so salty we had to throw it out. And once again you’re graphics are super cute and neat!

    Liked by 1 person

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