Blog Update & August 2016 Vacation Plans! 

Hi everyone! Since I wrote a similar post around the same time last year, I decided to write another one just to update you all on my upcoming plans!

First of all, I am really so thankful to everyone who reads my blog and I truly hope that you will continue to support it! I plan on posting reviews on skincare, recipes, and more for a long time! Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, I post every Saturday and I think I will continue this pattern for some time, so stay tuned for my future posts!

Next, I want to announce that I will be going to California in a few days and will be away for 2 weeks.. If you don’t know, I currently live in New York, so I am super excited to be able to explore the west coast! I plan to fly out to San Diego then take a road trip and drive north on Highway 1 and make stops along the coast to all the different cities until I reach San Francisco. However, since I will be away, I will not be able to post anything during that time, but don’t worry because I will upload again as soon as I get back! I will probably not post for one Saturday. I will definitely share my experience with you and tell you guys all about it!

Do you guys want me to post a travel photo diary for each city I visit? Have you been there before and do you have any recommendations?

Here are some of of photo diary posts from my last year trip to Europe!

European Cruise Trip Part 1: Copenhagen, Denmark Photo Travel Diary

European Cruise Trip Part 2: Germany Photo Travel Diary


5 thoughts on “Blog Update & August 2016 Vacation Plans! 

  1. Well, that would be awesome if you publish sometimes photos of where you are on this super vacation. Yes, it’s so beautiful there! I have been a few times and enjoyed every second of it. I once travelled all the way from N to S and it was unforgettable, I visited Mount Shasta. So great. Enjoy your trip!


  2. I live about 30 minutes from San Fransisco and I always go there with my friends! You should definitely visit the Piers & look around Japantown (pretty small, but very cute! You can also take purikuras there). If you pass Monetery, then definitely visit Monterey bay. Again, it’s a bit small, but the surrounding area is beautiful. Also don’t miss Carmel Beach! One of my favorites…if you have time, you HAVE to visit Hearst Castle. They give tours and the interior (and exterior) are so gorgeous. Hehe hope you have lots of fun on your trip 🙂

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