Review: Nature Republic Waterfull Baobab Mist Lemon Verbana 리뷰: 네이처 리퍼블릭 수분가득 바오밥 미스트 레몬버베나

Facial mists can really be a hero to your skin during the dry cold weather, so I decided to purchase this one from Nature Republic. Here’s my review! 

The packaging first of all, is just like all the other Nature Republic products with its earthy colors and nature-themed images. It is a light, aluminum bottle with a plastic white cap.

After you open it, you can see the spray dispenser. Unfortunately, this bottle isn’t refillable 😦

When I spritzed it on my face, the first thing I noticed was how good the dispenser was! It released a very fine mist and it came out very easily and evenly. I also loved how the longer you pressed down, the more product you got, so it was very easy to control the amount you wanted to use.

The scent was also wonderful! It had a subtle citrus and floral scent that seriously smelled amazing! When I  first sprayed it, the mist landed on my face in tiny droplets, giving off an extremely refreshing feeling on my face. After about a minute, the product was completely absorbed into my skin. My face felt cooled down and much more hydrated after using this! I really recommend it!


Subtle citrus and floral scent

Dispenses mist evenly and easily

Cooled down heated skin

Absorbs quickly

Leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated


Non-refillable bottle


2 thoughts on “Review: Nature Republic Waterfull Baobab Mist Lemon Verbana 리뷰: 네이처 리퍼블릭 수분가득 바오밥 미스트 레몬버베나

  1. I absolutely love face mists! I use them like all the time. Never heard of this one before, but I will give it a try! Your blog is really dangerous for me because I buy almost all of the products you recommend!

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