Review: VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation Long Wear A203 리뷰: 브이디엘 뷰티 메탈 쿠션 파운데이션 롱웨어 에이203

If you read my previous post introducing a Korean beauty online seller BB Cosmetic, then you may have seen this product before. I have heard many Youtubers and beauty reviewers rave about this product, so I really wanted to try it out myself. Let’s get to the review!

This cushion including a refill is a bit pricey at $32.98 on BB Cosmetic, which is already cheaper than many other websites I have seen.


A metal cushion foundation that delivers a 24 hour-lasting, bright and clear skin and provides a glowing radiance through hydro-rich prune water.


After opening the container, place the puff on the metal plate and press once. Load contents on puff and lightly pat to apply all over the face. For touchups, pump container once and lightly apply content all over the face.

The box is a metallic color and includes the cushion with a puff, a refill, and an additional puff.

The packaging of the cushion itself looks very sleek. It has a metallic silver cover and a white plastic bottom. Overall it’s shape and size is pretty general for a cushion foundation.

The major differentiating factor is that it has a pump to dispense the foundation rather than the normal sponge applicator. There are tiny holes along the surface which is where the product comes out from. This was actually my first time ever using this kind of applicator.

Personally, I actually prefer the traditional sponge since this made it harder for even dispensing of the foundation. I found that the lower right of the puff usually got more product, so when I was applying it on my face, I had to press the corner of the puff down.

Since my skin has gotten a lot darker from those long summer days I spent out in the sun (Anyone else have this problem?) 😦 I picked A203 which is one of the darker shades. I was really happy to find that it matched my skin tone perfectly! Yay!

Testing it out

This foundation’s formula was a bit thicker than most other of the other ones I have tried, but not to the point where it was impossible to apply. The coverage was awesome and covered up most of my blemishes and acne scars! Lately, I have seriously been getting all these breakouts which really sucks since school is back, but oh well, gotta deal. This product did cake just the slightest under my eyes and around the nose. My biggest complaint is that it it does not build up well. If I apply an additional layer for more coverage, it cakes up and leaves an obvious coating.

One thing I had high expectations for was its longevity since it has “long wear” in its name, and I am pleased to say that it did live up to this claim! I usually keep my foundation on for around 6-8 hours and since I have oily skin, my makeup tends to melt and wear off even with blotting. However, this one stayed on pretty well! I can’t say that it was perfectly fine, but it really stuck well to my skin.

This product is more on the pricey side, but it did perform pretty well! However, I still think that the cheaper cushions like the Missha Magic M Cushion are still much more worth it because they not only apply better, but they are also much more affordable.


Color shade matched perfectly

Covered up blemishes and acne scars

Lasts a long time without melting away


Hard to pump product evenly on puff

Caked a little around nose and under eyes

Cakes when built up for coverage

A little expensive

You can get this product here for $32.98

Have any of you ever tried this cushion before? Also which applicator do you prefer? The traditional or the pump? I definitely prefer the traditional one!


3 thoughts on “Review: VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation Long Wear A203 리뷰: 브이디엘 뷰티 메탈 쿠션 파운데이션 롱웨어 에이203

  1. Ohh I’ve been eyeing this for a while because I was interested in the supposed “hygienic” aspect of dispensing product and taking as much as is needed… for the price it doesn’t really seem worth it after all and maybe just a gimmick LOL thanks for the review, I think I’ll try something else….!

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