Hair Update! Dyeing My Hair at Mint Hair Salon

I have never dyed my hair before, but I really wanted to change it up a bit, so I finally decided to go for it and get it done at a cute little hair salon called Mint!

Just to give you an idea, I have extremely thick hair that seems to scare hair dressers all around New York! It’s a little difficult to manage since it’s so dark and thick. I have wanted to dye my hair a for a while now, but I was afraid of the damage and the maintenance. After doing some research, I found that Mint had some pretty good reviews online, so I decided to give it a go!

Here are some pictures of my hair before. I just have solid straight black hair about midway down my back.

I wanted an ashy grayish brown hair color with a balayage ombré, so I made an appointment and told them what I wanted. They told me that the balayage process starts at $250 and can change depending on the hair type and length, so this is definitely not a cheap purchase. I literally had to empty all of my savings to get this done!

The hair salon itself is adorable! The interior and exterior are both designed beautifully and kind of remind me of a cafe. 

When you first arrive, they take your bags and jackets, place them in a locker, and hand you the key. Depending on how many people are there, you then either wait or head straight into the salon to consult with a hair dresser.

I showed my hair dresser pictures of what I wanted and she was extremely helpful in offering me advice on how it would look best for me. She told me that the hair dyeing would cost $300 and also offered an oil treatment to prevent damage for an additional $30. Like I mentioned before, my hair is extremely thick and I just have A LOT of it, so the hair dresser trimmed it and thinned it out for free. I usually get cheap $8 haircuts at shady places in Flushing, so I never experienced having someone advise me on the best hairstyle and cut for me personally. I loved the attention that I received!

They all give you complementary drinks, such as lemonade, iced coffee, and green tea, all served in cute little mason jars!  I chose hot green tea.

After the haircut, my hair had never felt so light and weightless before! She then moved on to begin the bleaching process. She divided my hair up into small sections,  applied the bleach onto each, and wrapped it up in foil. With my hair all wrapped up, I kind of actually looked like a lion! I could see the other people laughing at me because of how much hair I have, but it was pretty funny.

After about 30 minutes, my hair dresser then started brushing in more bleach on certain areas to achieve that ombré look. I’m not exactly sure how the hair dyeing process works,  but this is what I think happened. After waiting some more, I was walked over to the sink to wash out the bleach. Next, the oil treatment was applied and I had to wait some more. One thing I definitely learned from this, is that hair salons can be so boring and take FOREVER! I was so tired that I was half asleep as I waited. After the oil treatment was done, the final step was to get the toner in. This helps preserve the color of the your hair dye to keep it looking bright.  Finally, the hair dresser styled my hair with a curling iron and I was done! Unfortunately, my hair color didn’t come out like the ashy gray color that I wanted. Instead, it ended up being more orangey-brown because of the dark pigmentation of Asian hair, but I am still pretty happy with the result.

Including tip, the entire process cost me about $400. I am satisfied with the result, but I can’t say whether or not it was worth it. I do like the hair color, but I’m literally broke right now!

Here are some pictures of the final result immediately after.

And here is what my hair looked like the following day.

Thankfully, my hair was not damaged much by the bleach and actually still feels quite healthy. I think that ombré hair looks a lot better when your hair is curled or wavy, but sadly mine is straight 😦 I really don’t want to apply heat on it to curl it since it can cause damage.

So what do you guys think of my new hair color? Have you guys ever dyed your hair? I’m also looking for products to maintain the health of dyed hair, so please let me know if you know of any! I also really really want purple shampoo, so I can achieve a more ashy color, so please tell me in the comments!


35 thoughts on “Hair Update! Dyeing My Hair at Mint Hair Salon

  1. I’ve actually dyed my hair using a product that didn’t require bleaching beforehand. Since I am also asian, I know the struggles of dying black hair. The product is L’Oreal HiColor. The color showed up REALLY well even though I didn’t bleach it at all before I applied the dye. I dyed my hair this kind of reddish brown and I love it!I didn’t go to a professional salon though, I dyed it at home.

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  2. I think the reason it cost so much was the extra services. They usually calculate drinks and such like that into the price. It was also nice of them not to charge for the haircut, but the end balance was $400 so yeah. I also saw in one of the comments above that for one of the advantages of box dye was that you can test it for a reaction. Salons can do this. In beauty school we are taught to test a strand, as well as the skin, beforehand to check for a reaction. If this was prescheduled, they should have recommended doing this. Its different if you’re a walk-in though, because people that come in probably want the service done right then; as opposed to scheduling a strand/skin test and waiting a day for the results.
    A very nice ombre, its too bad it wasn’t grey. As a rule, the darker the hair, the harder it will be to get to grey. If you really want that grey look, what about temporary hair color? They have sprays that you can find basically anywhere.

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  3. Woah, $400 is a lot to pay… But i guess it would be worth it because you wanted a particular effect. Personally I have never been to the Salon and have always used box dye and DIYed at home. Other than the cost saving advantage I do think it is a definite bonus that you can actually test out if you are allergic to the dye each time. Which to me is a lot safer. I’ve been dying my hair for 5 years now and definitely prefer box dye as I can have more control over how I want it to look like.

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      • I don’t think that box dye necessarily damages your hair more since it is a lot milder, compared to if you wanted to say flash bleach your hair at a salon. Personally I had thick frizzy hair before dying, which would be a bit crazy on rainy/ humid days. I found that my hair calmed down a lot after dying, which is why I have continued to dye my hair to this day. But saying that everyone’s hair is different and this was my experience.

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  4. I think $400 just for that is really really expensive. I think it’s definitely cheaper in salons in Asia. I like the ombre though. I totally understand how hard it is to bleach hair as mine was bleached like 3 or 4 times so that really ruined my hair. Actually you probably don’t really need purple shampoo, since your hair is sort of light brown and not blonde, but it’s up to you. But I do suggest finding sulfate-free shampoo and better conditioners. Also you definitely need to use a hair mask or hair oil once a week because having damaged hair really sucks.

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    • Yeah, I really regret how much my wallet suffered. And also you were definitely right about the purple shampoo because it is not having much of an effect. Thanks for the time you took to give me all those tips! I will definitely try them out! I currently rub in some argan oil everyday to keep it feeling healthy and strong.

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      • But that’s okay, I mean I spent a lot of money to get pink hair too so I kinda understand. I really want to try out self-hair dyeing which is more cost effective as i’ll have to touch up roots every once in a while anyway. Argan oil is good, but make sure it doesn’t make your hair too greasy. And do not wash your hair every day, it’s not good for the hair and it easily makes the colors fade. I hope that your hair is still healthier than mine.

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      • Yeah, I was thinking about dyeing it myself it too but I was afraid that box dyes would be even more damaging. And by the way, your pink hair looks amazing! Although it was expensive and damaging, I think it looks so pretty! Thanks so much for the help!


      • Well that’s alright though, at least you’ve tried having your hair dyed professionally once. It is true that box dyes might damage the hair more but it sort of depends? I think Asian box dyes are probably a much better choice for Asian hair but I’ve yet to try box dyes. Thank you very much! I kind of regretted it though, I should have focused on bleaching my hair so that it is very light first before doing the pink, cause my hair actually wasn’t light enough to be dyed pink :/

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      • After reading online, I found that a lot of people said that Japanese boxed hair dye works very well on Asian hair and isn’t as damaging. Thanks so much for all of your advice!! Yeah, it requires soooo much bleaching to get bright vibrant hair, But your pink hair still looks pretty!

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