Introducing Olivarrier & Review: Olivarrier Gentle Glow Seed Polishing Mask

I was recently contacted to try out products from a new brand called Olivarrier. Before this, I have never even heard about them before, and I’m almost sure that none of you guys have too. I hope that I can introduce you guys to some of their products and share my thoughts on them!

I received a total of three products, which I will post a review for each individually, but here is the first product – the Olivarrier Gentle Glow Seed Polishing Mask!

This product costs $13.63 for 75g, so it’s a very affordable mask.


Mild seed polishing mask for smooth and clear skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities in the pores

This mask is actually made with a variety of natural ingredients such as cranberry seeds to gently remove dead skin and Amazon white mud to absorb waste and purify skin. In addition, there are no parabens, preservatives, chemicals, and fragrances.

First of all, I am seriously starting to dig Olivarrier’s simplistic packaging. This mask came in a sleek gray container that feels quite sturdy. Unfortunately, there was no spatula included, but I have lots of extras.

When I opened it up, the mask has a white color with little black grains it, which I’m assuming are the cranberry seeds for gentle exfoliation. Even though it doesn’t have fragrances, it does have a strong soapy scent to it, which can be off-putting for some, but at least it’s natural!


Scoop out the creamy texture mask. Evenly apply it and wait for about 10-15 minutes. Softly massage your skin with a bit of water using cranberry seeds, and wash off the rest of mud and skin waste.

The mask has a very creamy texture making it very easy to apply and spread on your face. After about 15 minutes, I washed it off. A lot of wash off masks are difficult to remove since it feels like the mask is literally glued on your face, but this one came off right away. Immediately, I noticed that this mask was not drying or irritating at all. My skin felt a little bit softer and smoother as my pores seemed to have shrunk. I realized that my skincare products absorbed a lot better when I finished up my skincare routine and that my BB cushion applied a lot smoother the next morning. Usually, my makeup cakes up around my nose or when I try to layer it, but after using this mask, the finish was a lot smoother.

However, these effects were temporary and lasted only about 1 day. I think that by using this mask on a regular schedule, you will definitely start to see some noticeable differences. I want to recommend this mask to sensitive skin types since it is very gentle and doesn’t leave any irritation at all for me at least. Did I see any drastic effects for my skin after using this? Definitely not, but if you are looking for a mask that you can count on when you need your skin needs some revitalization, this is for you!


All natural ingredients, no parabens

Very gentle, good for sensitive skin

Smoother and softer skin


Strong scent

Effects only last about a day

Buy it here: for $13.63

This was my first time hearing about this brand! Have any of you guys heard of it?


Comment! ^-^

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