Olivarrier Review Part 3: Emollient Extra Comfort Cream

Here is the final product that I received from Olivarrier to review: the Emollient Extra Comfort Cream! If you want to check out my previous reviews on some of Olivarrier’s other products, here are the links! Dual Moist Toning Lotion & Gentle Glow Seed Polishing Mask.

Currently, this cream is available online for  $16.75 for 75 ml, so it is definitely a very affordable product!

The packaging is pretty similar to Olivarrier’s other products with its simplistic packaging except this time, the tube is a gorgeous green color. Although most creams come in a large tub with a spatula, this one comes in a tube. Personally, I prefer this type of packaging because it’s a lot more sanitary since you aren’t sticking your dirty fingers or spatula into it every time you use it.


A skin barrier strengthening cream that intensively improves sensitive and rough skin owing to its combination of Panthenol (5%) helpful to skin damage improvement, and the skin-friendly effective ingredients.

Several notable ingredients in this cream are D-Panthenol 5%, which aids in improving damaged skin as well as hyaluronic acid, which provides deep moisture.


For the last step of your daily skin care, apply a proper amount of the cream onto the skin, and gently pat the skin until the cream is fully absorbed.

The cream itself is white and has absolutely no fragrance whatsoever! So perfect for those of you who are sensitive to harsh scents! It is quite a thick cream, but it blends it easily and absorbs right away leaving no oily or sticky finish.

I apply this cream right before I go to bed, and I can seriously feel my skin get hit with immediate moisture right when I put it on! It leaves my skin hydrated the entire night and allows me to wake up to plump skin. I have been using this for several consecutive weeks now and I have seen absolutely no breakouts or reactions to it. I would definitely recommend this cream for those of you with sensitive, normal, or dry skin types. For oily skin types like me, I would use this during the dry, cold months, but pick a lighter cream during the summer.

You can purchase this product here for $16.75!


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