Introducing Beauty Pie & Mini Reviews


Recently, an online beauty shop called Beauty Pie has been gaining a lot of attention. When I heard that you could purchase luxury makeup products at extremely low prices, I was immediately intrigued and looked into it immediately! Let’s see what it’s all about!

If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie, it is essentially an online website where you can purchase luxury beauty products at transparent costs. In other words, a $25 lipstick can cost $2.39, which is its factory cost to produce that product. Their website offers a variety of high-end base makeup, eye products, and lip products at a fraction of the price. Once you sign up for a membership, which is only $10 a month, you can gain access to all of these amazing deals! When you take into consideration how much cheaper these products are with this membership, $10 really isn’t a lot. And also just to let you know, this post isn’t sponsored or anything. Beauty Pie just provided some of their products for me to try out, and I am just relaying my honest thoughts to you all!


So let’s get onto the products shall we?

Everyday Great Skin Foundation Light (400 Buff)



An ultra-futuristic, lightweight fluid infused with high-tech micro-pearls for a melt-away feel, it delivers an envious soft-focus finish and subtle light-tricks for sculpting. No caking, no pigment overkill, just even, stunning coverage.

This foundation feels extremely lightweight and smooth. Right away, I could tell that it is extremely blendable and coverage seems pretty good as well. This comes in a variety of shades, so I was extremely lucky since this matched my skin tone pretty well even though they just sent me a random color.

Normal Price: $44

With membership $5.09, here

Pro-Glow Highlighter


Next up, is this gorgeous highlighter!

Our Pro-Glow™ Highlighter Powder has light-reflecting 12-hour no fade, colour releasing micro-pigments and gives great glow wherever you apply it.

Sadly, I am being completely honest when I say that I have no cheekbones whatsoever. Especially, being Asian, my facial features don’t stand out very much. However, with this beautiful highlighter, I can finally make certain parts of my face just stand out and glow. The shimmers in this product look amazing and the color is neutral, so it matches my skin tone very well! It’s quite pigmented and can easily be built up!

Normal price: $38

With membership: $5.83, here

FutureLipstick – Matte (Hot Saucy) 


Incredibly light, hydrating, weightless, with instant pure colour laydown on your lips, our matte Futurelipstick is moisturizing, softening, extremely smooth, with a formula that all-at-once delivers superlight, luxurious pigment plus hydration, regeneration and antioxidants.

Now, moving onto lips! Matte lipsticks have been all the crazy lately, so I have been dying to give one a try. And this one definitely did not disappoint! The color is just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It’s very pigmented and glides onto my lips so smoothly. This is definitely a very bold color, so I probably wear this for special occasions and events!

Normal price: $25

With membership: $2.60, here

Superglazy Lip Gloss (Sugar Bun)


It’s one-part balm and three parts luminosity, formulated with a genius, creamy, high-tech, instant lip-wrapping technology, a hybrid gel-oil cushion matrix, and an infusion of lotus flower and anti-oxidants.

Next lip product! When I was looking through Beauty Pie’s website, I was seriously so desperate to try their lip products, so when I was sent 2 different kinds, I was beyond happy! Unlike the matte lipstick, this one is extremely glossy and shiny, which I really love as well! I got a pretty nude color that looks very natural, but just adds a bit of glitter to your lips! The applicator tip shape makes it very easy to apply and the gloss literally just glides on! It is very moisturizing and smells amazing as well!

Normal price: $25

With membership: $2.30, here

Uber Volume-Boost Mascara



Instantly volumizing, lengthening, thickening, infused with customized collagen tri-peptides for flexible, fortified, glossy, gorgeous lashes. With a triple-action brush that circles, coats and thickens for no-effort, beautifully-boosted, visibly-volumized lashes.

And last, but definitely not least, mascara! Usually, Asians typically have very sparse lashes, but I actually I have a substantial amount of volume (although this means unwanted body hair as well!) However, everyone can do with some extra help in their lash game! This mascara clings onto your lashes very well and immediately adds length and volume to your lashes! I also feel like this helps curl your lashes as well. Even though I didn’t use an eyelash curler, after applying this mascara, my lashes seemed to perk up!

Normal price: $24

With membership: $2.06, here

I hope you guys enjoyed these mini reviews! Definitely expect full and detailed reviews on these products coming soon! Have any of you heard of Beauty Pie before? And which of these products are you most interested in?



19 thoughts on “Introducing Beauty Pie & Mini Reviews

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    • I was a bit skeptical at first too! So I was looking around their website for information about how their products could possibly so cheap! Rather than earning profits off of marking up their makeup, Beauty Pie makes money off of the $10/month membership fee. That’s why they can sell their makeup at the cost of producing it!


  2. I am sorry to be a bad person. I always doubt these deals. Do they sell expired products to people? I really want to know. It is bit skeptical since it is like 90% off. Even with membership, it still make me worry. Do they include expiration date on the box they sent you? It will be super helpful. Thanks for sharing this site! I really want to check them out!

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