Review: TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Bar 리뷰: 토니모리 헬로 바니 퍼퓸 바

I saw this adorable product at Urban Outfitters and I just had to buy it! Let’s see how it performed!

In case you didn’t know, Urban Outfitters actually has a pretty decent selection Korean beauty products, but it is often more on the pricey side. I know that they carry a couple of Korean brands like TONYMOLY, Mizon, and Skinfood. When I saw this amazingly cute bunny shaped perfume bar, I just had to get it. Anyone else’s wallet suffer from cute packaging??

At the store, this cost $12 for 0.317 oz of product. It comes in 4 different scents: Cocoa, Dodo, Momo, and Pompom. I got the Dodo Rose scent.

Dodo: Fresh top notes of ginger, bergamot + grapefruit; floral middle notes of apricot, peach + neroli; fruity base notes of white musk

I’m not sure about the other scents, but the Dodo Rose one smelled amazing! It has a subtle sweet floral fragrance and doesn’t  smell artificial or overpowering.


This convenient stick style solid perfume will let you express your own unique scent of fragrance. This essence product provides a moisturizing effect to your skin as it glides over your skin.

When you open up the cap, it looks just like how you expect it to. The twist applicator works just like a lip balm.


Apply it whenever necessary and gently pat it with your fingers to enhance absorption.

I rubbed the stick applicator gently on my wrists and around my neck. It was very convenient to apply and went on smoothly. The small packaging is also perfect to carry around with you and the stick form is great for on-the-go touch ups. Honestly, for the first 5 minutes, I kept sniffing my wrists because I was so obsessed with this smell! Hopefully no one thought something was wrong with me lol.

However, even though I could feel the fragrance lingering around with me for the first 30 minutes after application, it started dying out pretty quickly. I was hoping that the scent would be longer lasting.


Adorable bunny packaging!

Stick form is very convenient to apply

Sweet floral fragrance

Good for on-the-go


Scent is not long lasting


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