Review: Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel

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I have definitely tried my fair share of peeling gels. I’m always on the lookout for chemical exfoliators because it is just oh so satisfying to see all my dead skin rub away! However, I am being completely honest when I say that this one by Dr. G  is the best one yet!

Before using this peeling gel, I’ve actually never tried anything from Dr. G. Dr. G. is actually a Korean skincare brand, but it has been gaining a lot of attention here in the US with this supposedly miracle exfoliator! After hearing so much about this product on the media, I was so excited to try it out!


It comes in a mint green squeeze tub; pretty standard packaging I guess.


One of the most loved and celebrated exfoliators in Korea and Asia is the Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel. Formulated with natural cellulose and skin-loving ingredients, it gently removes dead, flaky skin, while nourishing skin with moisture locking ingredients such as Hollyhock and Trehalose. In addition, it is great for sensitive skin types with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Honey Extract and Hollyhock.


After cleansing, take an appropriate amount (a little larger than a quarter) and apply over the entire face, carefully avoiding the eye and lips. Gently massage using clean finger tips for 1-2 minutes then thoroughly rinse off. Gently pat dry and then apply toner/softener/first essence.

The gel itself is an opaque white color with a relatively thick consistency.


The second I start rubbing it in, I can already feel my dead skin coming off! Thick, long noodles (sorry for this disgustingly descriptive word) immediately form as I massage it into my face!


To be honest, seeing this just makes me so satisfied! Anyone else with this weird obsession? Before using it, I was a bit skeptical of those glowing reviews I read of this online. I thought people must have been exaggerating when they used words like “miracle” to describe it, but I have to admit, this peeling gel absolutely deserves every single one of those raves! Although past peeling gels have also visibly removed my dead skin, none of them have worked this well and fast! After rinsing, my skin is seriously just so so so soft! My face was smoother than it has ever been and my skin looked brighter as well! Following up with the rest of my skincare routine, all of my skincare products seemed to absorb so much better without dead skin acting as a barrier. Not to mention, my foundation applying flawlessly the next day as well!

I truly cannot express how much I love this peeling gel! It may seem as if I am exaggerating, but honestly, this product is nothing short of a “miracle”! I highly highly recommend this because I assure you that it will not disappoint! And for $15, you know you can’t go wrong!

$15.44 – here

You can check out my past reviews of exfoliators below, but after using this one by Dr. G, none of them even come close!

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Have any of you tried or heard of this product before? What are some of your favorite exfoliators?




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