About Me



I am Kelly and I am a Asian American student currently living in New York. I have an obsession with Asian skincare and anything cute! I don’t really wear makeup that much… I’m all about skincare! You won’t find me wearing makeup really.  My favorite thing in the world is food. I love trying out new food from all around the world! Oh and about my personality, you’ll probably get a feel for it through my blog posts.! Please feel free to contact me about anything! Whether it being questions or if you just want to chat, I would love to talk to someone! You can email me or even communicate with me through social media. You can find out more about contacting me on the contact page.


Skin type: combination/oily

Skin color: tannish-yellowish? idk

Hair color: black, dyed ombre

Hair type: thick, Asian hair

Eye color: dark brown

Height: 5’5”


32 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for showing all the love! 💕 You’ve got such a lovely blog here, I find Korean skincare products so beautifully packaged! & I’m definitely eager to try out some once I find a UK – based retailer!! Thanks once again, looking forward to your posts xxx

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  2. Annyeong Kelly! 😀 You’re so cute! ❤ Thanks for giving likes to my 5 posts.. I was surprised with that. ~~ I like your blog since I m interested on beauty too personally. Though I don't do beauty blogs. I'll follow you here in wordpress and other social media too..:D

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  4. Hey there thank you for liking my posts 😉 i checked out your blog as well and i am looking for exactly these kind of blogs so I followed you 🙂 keep up the great work! 💖

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  5. Thanks for following me Kelly! We have the same interest! I’m an avid fan of KDramas and Korean skin care products! Looking forward for more of your posts 🙂

    PS: My best friend lives in New York too! Hihi

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