How to Get the Most Out of Your Sheet Mask

Since mask sheets have only a one-time use, they can get quite expensive! So here are a few tips to get the most out of mask sheet and to maximize its effects!

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Mini Sephora Haul Featuring Tangle Teezer! 

While shopping on Sephora’s website for some Christmas gifts, I also picked up a few goodies for myself as well! I purchased the famous Tangle Teezer hair brush and received the sample bag for free since I spent over $35.

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My Top 6 Favorite Beauty Youtubers ♡ Who You Should Definitely Check Out! 

I love YouTube!! I feel like I can learn so much from watching all these videos, while wasting time… But here are some of my favorite gorgeous beauty Youtubers of all time! All of them are so fun and entertaining to watch and also either speak English or have English subtitles!

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