DIY Sheet Mask With Cotton Pads!


Sheet masks are one of my favorite steps in the skincare routine with its fun and unique ingredients! But did you know that you could easily DIY it using just some cotton pads and toner? I’ll show you how!

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Review: MISSHA Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Control Toner 리뷰: 미샤 수파아쿠아 안티 트러블 포뮬라 컨트롤

I bought this toner along with some other products in my Flushing Mini Haul. Like I mentioned many times before, I have oily skin, so acne is a major concern for me. I was hoping that this toner would be able to help me with this problem, so here’s the review!

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Review: HADA LABO Gokujun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

My friend from Asian Beauty Obsessed recommended this for me! Learning this from her, Asian companies’ lotions are actually toners. It preps the skin for optimum absorption of the layering of other products. Although this is called a lotion, it really is actually a toner.

I ordered this on Amazon and there were hundreds of wonderful reviews on it, so I really have high hopes for this product. It’s one of Japan’s most popular products.

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