DIY Sheet Mask With Cotton Pads!


Sheet masks are one of my favorite steps in the skincare routine with its fun and unique ingredients! But did you know that you could easily DIY it using just some cotton pads and toner? I’ll show you how!


Sheet masks are essentially just cotton sheets soaked in some essence, so I decided to apply that idea and make some of my own! You can use any cotton pads and toner that you have on hand, but I will be using these Selena Multi-Layer Cotton Puffs, which you may remember me mentioning in my Japanese skincare haul post, and the Olivarrier Dual Moist Toning Lotion (review here). Another great thing about DIYing it is that it is now totally customizable! Use whatever toner that has worked well specifically for your skin!

Honestly, the steps are pretty self-explanatory. Literally, just shake the toner onto the cotton pads until they are saturated!


The puffs that I used come in a box of 80 puffs. However, each of these puffs then separate into 5 thinner layers. What I do is take the 5 sheets and soak them in the toner together. Then, I gently peel them apart and apply them onto my face! It actually feels just like a store-bought sheet mask!


I place one sheet on my forehead, one on each cheek, one on my nose, and the last one on my chin. I let them sit for around 15-20 minutes just like any other sheet mask and then peel away!

Every time I do this my skin is left feeling so soft and moisturized! It also allows my makeup to set very smoothly and evenly!

I hope you enjoyed this post! And let me know if you try this out!


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