Recipe: Tofu Bulgogi (Vegan) 레시피: 두부 불고기

Any other bulgogi fans out there?? I personally love it, so I was so excited when I saw this recipe for tofu bulgogi on Seonkyoung Longest’s YouTube channel and had to try it out immediately!

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K-Pop Girl Idol Diet Plans

If you have ever heard of K-pop, the first thing everyone notices is how freakin’ skinny every girl is. Their job requires them to have a super slim body even though it may be very unhealthy. Although most diets are known to be extreme, there are still a few out there that are a pretty healthy way to lose weight. Here I will tell you about all the different types!

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Recipe: Oil & Butter-free Fluffy Japanese Sponge Cake (Kasutera カステラ)

Kasutera or Castella (カステラ) is Japanese-style sponge cake. Sponge cake is very popular in many Asian countries, Kasutera is completely oil-free! When I made it, I was so surprised that the recipe didn’t call for any oil or butter and it still tasted amazing! It’s very light and fluffy with a tint of sweetness.
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